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Skyelar Herriman: “For teens, there is more to life than your cell phone, and helping your community is the best feelings.”

Skyelar Herriman - right - with her brothers take a break during the Thread Lake cleanup for the 2015 Flint River and Community Cleanup

Skyelar Herriman – right – gives a thumbs up during a break at the Thread Lake cleanup for the 2015 Flint River and Community Cleanup.

My name is Skyelar Herriman, I’m 13 years old, and I have been helping the Flint River Watershed at Thread Lake for 4 years. At first I started volunteering there because I was bored and had nothing else to do and my dad was going, but once I got there I realized how much Thread Lake needed to be cleaned up. I remember thinking “How in the world are we ever going to clean this up!” But once everyone started working I realized that that we had a good group of people working and that we could make a difference at Thread Lake.

I like to think that everyone can make a difference in the world and that’s why I kept coming back. I realized that just cleaning up a local lake can make a big difference in your community, and even though it’s a small step to some people it’s a big step in my mission to make Flint a better place. I keep coming back because the feeling that you get while doing something that you know will make a difference is one of the best feelings. I keep coming back because it’s a great bonding with my family! We have 3 generations of my family involved, there’s my grandpa (Mike Herriman), my dad (Jerin Herriman), my uncle (Aaron Herriman), my cousin (JC Herriman), me (Skyelar Herriman), and my brother (Evan Herriman). This is a great bonding activity and you get to meet really great people.

My first year of volunteering we found close to 75 tires throughout the area. My second year we found the rear half of a car, a safe, and a payphone. My third year we used around 100 trash bags and filled a garbage truck. My fourth year we discovered a hidden part of the lake that was filled with garbage.

IMG_20150425_105019_122From the first year to the fourth year Tread Lake has changed DRASTICALLY. The first year we could find a ton of places that needed to be cleaned up and the fourth year we were having trouble finding places to clean up. Now people have said that Thread Lake is officially cleaned and if it stayed clean we would have to find a new place to clean next year. During this process I have worked with over 50 volunteers, including family members, local business owners from the BNI chapter, students from the Flint International Academy, and neighbors to Thread Lake. We have cleaned the area enough that they have re-opened the park and have events taking place at Thread Lake.

IMG_20130427_104941_496I asked the members of my family who have participated in the cleanup 4 questions about Thread Lake to see how they felt about everything. The first thing I asked was “Why do you keep coming back?” Everyone said they liked seeing the improvements every year and they liked how it felt. The second question I asked was “What surprised you the most about the area?” They either said how much trash there was, that there was a pavilion, or that the lake was even there. The third question I asked was “How has cleaning Thread Lake helped you as a person?” “It made me feel better about myself.” (Jerin Herriman) “I got to meet a lot of new people that I could learn from and I made lifelong friends.” (Aaron Herriman and JC Herriman) “It shows that I know how to use my time wisely and that I care about my community.” (Evan Herriman) “Working with this group of people has made me realize that there are more people then me willing to make a difference.” (Mike Herriman) The fourth questing I asked was “Why should people get involved in the cleanup?” They all said that it’s everybody’s part and it makes out community a better place to live.

IMG_20130427_105116_727My goal for writing this is to get people to realize how rewarding it is to help the community and to hopefully get them to come out and help. My other goal is to get my school involved in the cleanup and teach the kids that there is more to life then your cell phone, and that helping your community is one of the best feelings.

Thread Lake when I started was very, very dirty. It needed a lot of cleaning up and in the course of 4 years we accomplished our goal of cleaning Thread Lake. Now when I go to Thread lake I can say “Look how beautiful it is” and I can think “I helped do that and I helped make and difference in my community.” So I want to thank the Flint River Watershed for giving us Thread Lake to clean, Mike Herriman for becoming the site coordinator and telling my dad about it, Jerin Herriman for taking me every year to clean up Thread Lake, and anyone who volunteered and helped make a difference at Thread Lake and in the Flint community.Love Your Lake: THREAD LAKE

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