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The FRWC is a non-political, non-partisan nonprofit organization; as such, we do not endorse candidates for political office.

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Watershed Management

In a nutshell, watershed management encompasses the creation and implementation of plans, programs, and projects that are geared towards sustaining and preserving the ecosystems that exist within a watershed.  Plans take into account factors such as the wildlife, plant life, and human life within its boundaries. Managing things like water quality, drainage and stormwater runoff are very important aspects of this work.

Watershed Planning Documents

South Branch

South Branch Watershed Plan

Gilkey Creek

Gilkey Creek Watershed Plan

2013 Gilkey Creek Assessment


Kearsley Creek

Kearsley Creek Watershed Plan

Swartz Creek

Swartz Creek Watershed Plan



Low Impact Development – The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) is a group of local government offices dedicated to helping Michigan’s communities realize their efforts in improving the environment, transportation, regional growth, and education. With the help of several agencies, experts, and professionals throughout the state, SEMCOG has developed a “low impact development” manual for the State of Michigan.  Visit to view the full report and download the manual on Low Impact Development.