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The FRWC is a non-political, non-partisan nonprofit organization; as such, we do not endorse candidates for political office.

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Flint River Watershed Coalition seeks new Executive Director

The FRWC seeks a new executive director to lead our work.

The Flint River Watershed Coalition (FRWC) is seeking a new Executive Director. According to our mission: The Flint River Watershed Coalition partners to protect, promote, and improve the Flint River and its watershed.
We are looking for someone who is passionate about that mission. Click here for the full PDF job description. Applications close November 30th, 2021. Email FRWC Board Secretary Darren Bagley with any questions.


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 The Flint River: an undiscovered treasure.

The C. S. Mott Foundation produced a stunning video that captures the past, present, and future of our Flint River.

Flint River Watershed Coalition

Partnering to Protect, Promote, and Improve the Flint River Watershed. 

The Flint River Watershed Coalition is a membership organization that promotes citizen stewardship of our natural resources by providing our members with the sources, knowledge, and capacity necessary to protect local water quality and watershed habitat. 

Thank you for supporting our Flint River Watershed!