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The FRWC is a non-political, non-partisan nonprofit organization; as such, we do not endorse candidates for political office.

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Lapeer County Chapter of the Flint River Watershed Coalition

A 7th grade Chatfield student and his dad on the south branch picking up barrels, tires and other debris

Chair: Peter McCreedy (810-614-7594).  Peter is the Ecology Director of the Willows Ecology Center at Chatfield School.  He is also the president of the Lapeer Land Conservancy. Contact him at pmccreedy@chatfieldschool.ord

Secretary: Mary Brown.  Mary is the administrator of the Lapeer Conservation District.  She is also the treasurer of the Lapeer Land Conservancy.

Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm at

the Willows, Chatfield School, 231 Lake Dr. Lapeer.

New Members Welcomed!

Project Areas:

New Canoe Landing: On January 8, 2015, the Lapeer County Commissioners voted in favor of allowing us to move forward with the development of the Saginaw Street Canoe Landing.  In 2006, FRWC volunteers passed the hat to come up with the $1250 needed to buy 5 acres that were in foreclosure.  We purchased the land and gave it to the county since they owned and maintained the other canoe landings.  Since then, a county parks millage failed and the parks department was basically eliminated, placing our project in limbo.   We now have drawings of the proposed parking lot/landing, preliminary cost estimates of $27,000, and have begun the permitting process and fundraising.  Recently, one of our community partners, the Lapeer Land Conservancy, dedicated $4000 towards this project.  This stretch of the South Branch of the Flint River is the closest to town, usually the first to be cleared of obstructions, and the most widely used by student groups.  The development of this landing and our future plans for improved access at Rotary Park (the beginning of this stretch) will showcase this amazing section of the river and highlight the important work done by our obstruction removal volunteers.

Frwc saginaw landing



Benthic Monitoring: Project leader – Maureen Shoemaker. The Lapeer Chapter helps run the FRWC’s monitoring program at 10 sites in Lapeer County. Monitoring happens in the spring and fall of each year. Volunteers Needed.  Please contact Maureen Shoemaker or Jaime Welch.

Home Depot cleanup site on farmers creek with the young marines.

River Cleanup: The Lapeer Chapter is reponsible for 6 cleanup sites.  Our partners include the City of Lapeer and Rick Rhein Disposal. Project leader is Peter McCreedy.

Obstruction removal / Habitat Restoration:Joe Leonardi, Fisheries Biologist for the MDNRE is the coordinator for this project which has achieved nearly 100 percent of landowner participation, over 4000 hours of volunteer labor, and the restoration of about 10 hours of canoe pathway in Lapeer County.  Other Crew Leaders are Steve Smith and Steve Kress, the leaders of the very devoted, hardworking F.R.O.G. crew.  This group maintains an email list to notify interested volunteers about work sessions.  Contact Joe at if you are interested in being added to this list.

Education/Outreach: Project Leader Diane Peplinski (810-688-3344). Diane takes the FRWC message of working to protect, preserve, and improve the Flint River Watershed to local officials, schools, and organizations throughout Lapeer County.

Struggling to canoe the South Branch prior to the pathway restoration project was completed

Struggling to canoe the South Branch prior to the pathway restoration project was completed


Service Learning Opportunities in Lapeer County: Looking for additional ways to get involved.  Click HERE for a list of service learning opportunities.  Or contact Peter McCreedy for more information.

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