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The FRWC is a non-political, non-partisan nonprofit organization; as such, we do not endorse candidates for political office.

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YOU are the Solution to Pollution: Guides and Resources for Everyone

Seven Simple Steps to Clean Water

When we think of water pollution we often think of the pollution caused by business and industry, but that is not the whole story. Runoff from residential neighborhoods, cities, and farms contribute to water pollution. Storm drains and roadside ditches lead to our lakes and streams. So, any oil, pet waste, leaves, fertilizers or dirty water from washing your car or other outside activities that enters a storm drain gets into our lakes and streams.  As a resident of this region, you have a big impact on stream and river quality within our watersheds.

Seven Simple Steps to Keep Our Water Clean:

1. Fertilize sparingly and caringlyPEPlogo[1]

2. Choose Earth Friendly Landscaping

3. Practice Good Car Care

4. Properly Dispose of Household Waste

5. Be a Responsible Waterfront Owner

6. Keep Pollution Out of Storm Drains

7. Clean up after Your Pet

The Water’s Edge: How to Protect your waterfront property and its value

 If you are lucky enough to live on a river, lake or stream, not only is your property value enhanced, but issues important to everybody including water quality, wildlife and fish habitat, and recreation depend on how your waterfront land is maintained. Check out “The Water’s Edge” brochure for simple steps to help you support water quality.